Commissioning a piece doesn't need to be super expensive, complicated, or otherwise daunting - it starts with a conversation about your interests and goals. If I can help you, I'd like to!

I'm always happy to discuss a collaboration - no idea is too large or too small.

Feel free to send me your thoughts and we can go from there! 

Check out some of my past projects, and the FAQ below:

Frequently asked questions

How much does a commissioned piece cost?

This depends on a number of things! Is this an original composition, arrangement, transcription, or reorchestration? What is the length of the piece? How many instruments are involved? How "complex" is the music? What is your timeline? For some projects I will work for an hourly rate, with a maximum cap. In general, I prefer a flat fee, so we both know what we're getting into! For an accurate quote, get in touch with me and we'll discuss your project.

Can I make changes during the process?

Yes! This is a collaborative process.